Garment Bags for Bridesmaids Bridesmaids Accessories

Store your Dress without the Stress

While everyone seems to be going through a ‘Kondo’ phase at the moment decluttering their wardrobes to remove any non ‘joy sparkers’ hidden away in there, bride and bridesmaids dresses are usually keepers. Particularly with more and more people choosing items that can easily be worn again to special events, formal gatherings, or even altered slightly to refresh the look!

Below are our top 5 tips on how to keep your dress in top shape, ready to wear again at a moment’s notice, ready for it to spark joy all over again…

1. Bag it up, baby! We highly recommend a good quality garment bag, preferably made of a fabric that breathes well. This will not only keep the dust off it, but also makes it easier to move and transport, and stops sequins and beads from ‘catching’ on other things in your wardrobe. Did you know that we have designed a garment bag that does exactly this? It also comes with a beautiful rose gold metallic coat hanger and is perfect for your bridal day photos with BRIDEMAID text printed across the back.

Garment Bags for Bridesmaids Bridesmaids Accessories

2. Make friends with your dry cleaner: A good dry cleaner is worth their weight in gold. Seriously. Not just for special occasion gowns, but someone who knows the difference between an item needing a light steam, versus a deep clean can help extend the life of your favourite pieces, and ultimately save you some cash.

3. Keep the bugs away: The thought of moths, weevils, cockroaches – they’re all things none of us want to think could be lurking in our homes, particularly nesting in with our clothes, but it does happen. A thorough Spring clean once a year, along with insect protection will help. Most storage shops sell hanging inserts for your wardrobe to help keep nasties away.

4. Dry and dark? Try to ensure that your storage place is free from moisture (hello mould spores), and also direct sunlight to stop it from fading.

5. Don’t tell the kids! Who didn’t play dress ups with their Mum’s old wedding gown or special dresses growing up? Picture hemlines trailing along behind picking up biscuit crumbs along the way before being discarded onto a pile of lego. We’re having palpitations at the thought. Give them an old dressing gown to play with instead!

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