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  • Secret Weapons Boob Tape

    Secret Weapons Invisible Boob Tape


    Secret Weapon’s Boob Tape is the first roll of clear medical grade tape, especially designed for the sensitive needs of your skin. Boob Tape is a crystal clear tape that can flatten, lift, support and creates cleavage, the perfect bra-free accessory for any occasion. No problems if you are wearing white, lace or sheer, the…

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  • MissLint Bridesmaid Dress lint Cleaner

    Secret Weapons Miss Lint


    The Secret Weapons Miss Lint is the ultimate reusable and washable silicone lint remover for removing lint and pet hair from your bridesmaids dresses to make sure they are perfect before you walk or dance down the isle. Miss Lint is discreet, in fact she is purse-sized and perfectly pink for that added bit of…

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  • Secret Weapons Bust Up Breast Enhancers


    The Secret Weapons Bust Up bra pads turn your favourite bra into the ultimate breast enhancer. Bust-Ups are contoured to the breast’s natural fall and with a full coverage soft-shell, our super-discreet breast pad inserts increase breast volume by more than one full cup size. They have a super soft bra pad insert providing extra…

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