When you get asked to be a bridesmaid it is such an honour and you instantly smile from ear to ear at being selected to be part of the bride tribe. Before you even ask a single question or think about all that is involved you squeal “yes, of course I will” like a romantic comedy proposal. Then…


Reality sets in and you think about all the expectations, all the things you have to organise and buy and you ask yourself “what have I done?”. If it is someone that is your bestie, your sister or an amazing relative then usually the excitement snowballs and you can not wait to enjoy these special moments. We are here to remind you that with great honour also comes great responsibility. Here is our quick and easy list of bridesmaid etiquette do’s and don’ts.


Bridesmaid Meme
        • Do be a loyal bridesmaid, you have the honour of helping her make some of the biggest choices that will ultimately shape her entire wedding day. Even if you do not agree with all choices remember you are loyal to the bride and her want’s/needs not your personal taste so you can express options but support her final choice.
        • Do be a team player, especially if you are part of a larger bridal party. Everyone has been personally and carefully selected by the bride to be because she wants each and every one of you to be close to her on her special day
        • Do smile and not complain (if you so feel the urge) when you are told your groomsmen pairing. Again, the bride probably put a lot of thought into this
        • Do have the expectation that you will be paying for your dress, shoes, hair and make up.
        • Leading on from this, do discuss the budget and do decline the offer if you feel this will put a financial strain on you. It is better to decline then be a stressed out bridesmaid.
        • Do host and attend pre-wedding parties, showers, and rehearsal dinner
        • Do help the bride on the day with maintaining her dress, hair and make up
        • Do make sure the bride remembers to eat and drink plenty of water
        • Do buy a wedding present
        • Do smile for photos
        • Do have fun
Bridesmaid Meme
        • Do not accept if you can not commit both financially or time wise. It is easier to decline straight up due to these 2 reasons (which are perfectly reasonable reasons) then have to excuse yourself later or everyone will feel on edge while you stress out. Honestly, it can be super stressful on your time and your finances so go in knowing these things.
        • Do not make it about yourself. Remember this is your special friend/family members day and you have the honour to help support them through this while having a tone of fun in the meantime.
        • Do not tell the bride everything you would do if it was your wedding. Save your dream colours, wedding dress shapes, invite paper ideas for your special day and support the bride in her dream choices. It does not mean that you can not give your opinion, especially if she asks, but be tactful with your constructive criticism. Have you thought about how that might look against ###? Have you tried a full tulle skirt with a cathedral veil together? Let’s do a mock up of that together this weekend and see what you think? These are all very helpful ways to guide the bride.
        • Don’t ignore the bride’s wishes, if her dream wedding colour theme is your least favourite colour in the world, smile and nod anyway or you can offer a constructive comment like “that colour is beautiful however I know from experience that colour will make me look very washed out, if you are wanting it for the bridesmaid dresses as well. Could we possibly try that colour on all of us before you lock it in and if it doesn’t suit we can find a way to tie the colour you love with with a complimentary secondary colour that we can use for the dresses! If she want’s a low key hens night such as a sunset grazing board on the beach do not throw a wild city striper party.
        • Do not get drunk (tipsy is perfectly fine) at pre-wedding events or at the wedding. You are the support network!
        • Do not fight, argue or complain about other bridesmaids especially to the bride. The larger the party the harder this can get but remember you all share one goal, to give her a dream wedding and have her most loved gang as her bridal party beside her the whole way.