Posted by Talia Sasson

Imagine this: in 20 years you’re flicking through your wedding photos, it’s all pastels and white – except for your burgundy nails. Yep, with your wedding dress as a backdrop, bright nails will stand out big time. So if you don’t want you and your maids’ fingers to be the centre of attention, I think it’s a good idea to skip the brights and go for pastels and neutrals. But that doesn’t mean they have to be a bore!

Here are some wedding-perfect nails I’m loving that are anything but plain:

The French manicure always looks chic but these are just a little more special!

What’s not to love about elegant ombre glitter nails? A little subtle glitter can add an extra sparkle.


If you’re a nail art addict, there’s no reason to give it up for your big day. Keep it understated and it will stand the test of time. I especially love the lace-inspired design below

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