• The Hottest Talia Sarah Collection is Here and oh-so Dreamy!

    Posted by Talia Sasson

    Whether it’s about shoes, bags or dresses, it’s the colours that make a piece outstanding! Like skilled craftsmen, fashion designers paint each season a specific colour palette (which then takes a firm grip on our closets). Every girl loves the best designer collections, as well as the seasonal fashion trend forecasting what's in and what's out! The newest Talia Sarah collection is the best colour collection of the year - and with size availability from 6-24, we know your going to fall in love with every single piece!


    Blush of Fruit - Dead of Night

    With a fresh seasonal colour of blush pink comes an even darker side - the dead of night. Beware ladies, this Millie dress isn't for the faint hearted and could possibly have strings attached! Perhaps its the off-shoulder trend destined to lure men onto the dance floor, or maybe the sweetheart neckline that's too alluring for words to resist. In any case, we urge you to surrender to this temptress style (in disguise!)

    A World of Fire and Ice

    Ladies, welcome to a world filled with fire and ice. We know every woman loves a good merlot, but could an inspired dress be the key to dropping that bad habit? Only time will tell. From the glaciers of Antarctica to the hot springs of Barcelona, be prepared to turn heads with this Chloe scalloped hem and versatile waist tie for any jaw dropping event.


     The Wonders of the Black Pearl

    Whether your a gal who loves to travel back in time for some good old classics, the neutral grey and white trend will continue to be a modern century fave! Dress it up with some dainty gold accessories for a superb night of dinner, dancing and possibly more! This Ella dress by Talia Sarah might just be on the top of our party list! Ladies, bow in or bow out, because these exclusive pieces might not last forever!


    Mix it, Match it - Love it!

    Every bride wants something a little different for each of their bridesmaids. Did you know you can mix and match any Talia Sarah dress with the same colour? So ladies, be bold, be unique, and most importantly, be fashion-forward this season!

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  • Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Bridesmaids Happy!

    Posted by Talia Sasson

    Lets face it; your bridesmaids will stand by you through it all - dress shopping, cake tasting, even the dreaded guest list. Of course, choosing your bridesmaids is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, and asking your best friends to play an important part in your wedding celebration is nothing short of fabulous!

    However, the road to happiness is always a little bumpy - and whether you like it or not, bridesmaids are going to be a tad dramatic before your special day. Our advice? Be an ultra-cool bride and follow our steps on how to make your bridesmaids love you (no matter what!)

    Everyone Loves a Little Talk

    Every bride has their own unique vision - just remember to ask your bridesmaids for their input! Always try to be open-minded to letting them wear styles that will fit their body types and schedule a day where they can try on different looks. Brides, trust us - your friends will look great if they feel great!

    The Price on Their Heads

    No matter what style wedding you have in mind, you should give a bit of consideration to how much it will cost each bridesmaid to be part of the wedding. Make a list of all the things that could be quite expensive on her part - travel, accommodation, hair, even makeup which are all essential, yet costly.

    A Gift Here or There

    It’s always a fabulous gesture to gift your bridesmaids with presents! Make sure you say thank you with a gift they’ll all appreciate. Dare we suggest Tiffany earrings? Maybe a daily spa treatment session? You could even provide small hangover kits after the wedding reception!

    The Ladies Who Lunch

    The people you ask to be in your bridal party are all special to you, but they might not all be special to one another. Organise a lunch filled with non-wedding talk which will hopefully get everyone feeling friendly and most importantly comfortable with one another. As the dashing bride, it's your responsibility to encourage your girls to hang out and get along!

    Wonder Women

    Don't be a bridezilla - take some pressure off yourself and your bridesmaids by enlisting friends and family who could help you during crunch time. Maybe your mother or aunt are super crafty and would actually love to package or decorate the boutonnieres. Always think about the little last-minute to-dos ahead of time before you lock your bridesmaids into helping you with every single task. No one likes to deal with a stressed-bride, so let everyone know in advance what you need to get done!




    Image via Guides Brides

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  • Trend Report: Mix or Match Bridesmaid Looks For the Upcoming Season

    Posted by Talia Sasson

    When it comes to choosing a bridesmaid dress, you can go for something that’s more classic and traditional, or a little more fun and even on-trend. And yes, you can play it safe with a neutral tone – but then, don’t we all love a little mix or match here and there? Whichever way you choose, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the latest colours, cuts and textures that will be available off-the-rack or at Bridesmaids Only!

    So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up three colour combination trends that have already begun to make their way into our everyday fashion vocabulary. Are you a bride desperate for a fresh new bridesmaid look for 2017? Don’t stress – we’ve got you covered!


    Pink Promises

    With spring/summer almost here, brides-to-be are always on the hunt for the most amazing bridesmaid dress that will add a little sensuality and sophistication to their gals impeccable silhouettes. We don’t think we’ll ever get tired of pastels and muted shades, but how fabulous are these pink accessories! Every bridesmaid loves a light, summery look – and whether you choose to pack a punch with a bling ring or throw in some silk drop earrings, we guarantee your girlfriends will always be in the mood for some Disney princess magic.

    No More Blue Songs

    Bridal fashion tends to be a lot more diverse, which is very important because every bride should have the opportunity to choose the dress that she feels most comfortable and beautiful in. After all, it’s one of the most important days in your life – no pressure! If your aching for some strong and confident blue, this midnight shade is definitely what you’re looking for. A drape dress with knotted detailing makes another gorgeous spring 2017 trend – and let us not forget the luxe accessories that can add a little glam to any seasonal affair. And what bridesmaid will refuse a Samantha Wills ring set?

    The Olive Touch

    The olive shade was quite unexpected on the runways, but during New York Fashion Week, Zac Posen served up some pretty jacquard staples in greenery. This winter colour is going through the roof! Shona Joy showed the freshness of the olive wonder in combination with the dusty pink and midnight blue ensembles, thus upping the ante when it comes to front splits and halter necklines. Add a touch of simplicity (without going too far) with a crystal bracelet and earrings that will dance in the sun and sparkle on your wrist!

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