Tania Olsen Size Chart

4 AU74cm57cm48cm
6 AU 79cm62cm90cm
8 AU 84cm67cm95cm
10 AU 89cm72cm100cm
12 AU 94cm77cm105cm
14 AU 99cm82cm110cm
16 AU 104cm87cm115cm
18 AU 109cm93cm120cm
20 AU 114cm98cm125cm
22 AU 119cm103cm130cm
24 AU 124cm109cm135cm
26 AU 129cm114cm140cm
28 AU 134cm119cm145cm
30 AU 139cm124cm150cm

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Tania Olsen sizes are based on the following body measurements, however some items may vary due to fabric and fit please allow for a 2CM VARIANCE. These measurements should be used as a guide only. WE HAVE A TRY BEFORE YOU BUY SERVICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY A DRESS ON PRIOR TO ORDERING, JUST CONTACT OUR STYLIST OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE. Measurements are in centimeters.